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Why Do I Need A Root Canal Treatment During A Smile Makeover?

Hey there, DentAbroaders! Welcome back! Now you’re about to read our latest article over “Why you could possibly need a root canal treatment when having a smile makeover?”.


I have to admit that it really is confusing to read so much about something you’re not that familiar with. When it comes to dentistry, we all barely know something. And this brings us to this point; the boiling point of our brains! As if the teeth are not complicated enough, nerves and stuff on top of it! So, it is quite understandable when you ask “during a smile makeover process, why the hell do i need a freaking root canal treatment?”

Now, relax and take a deep breath. I’m here to explain it to you. Now, repeat; “She’s here to explain it to me. She’s here to explain it to me…” 

I’ll start with the basics. If you’re gonna have your smile makeover done by getting full crowns then it means your teeth are to be filed down first. As you can imagine, your dentist should file down your teeth first, in order to align them perfectly. So that he/she can create enough space to put crowns on top of them.

Sometimes, some teeth might be sticking out too much. In order to align those teeth, your dentist should file that stick-out surface much more than the others. And when he/she does that, when he/she files down a certain surface too much then the nerves inside that tooth might become exposed. When the nerve is exposed, the dentist should take the nerve out which means performing a root canal treatment. C’mon, he/she can’t just leave that nerve there, hanging in space, all alone… That’s so sad. And also potentially; way too painful. And infectious. So, to avoid any painful and infectious prognosis, your dentist is expected to remove the nerve that is exposed.

Why Do I Need A Root Canal TreatmentI know it sounds horrible but it is actually NOT! Not for you at least. I doubt the dentist would agree with us. ‘Cause usually the root canal treatments can be painful for the dentists, since they’re quite delicate treatments. You’re going to be numb during the whole process and you’re not gonna feel anything. So, you’re in fact the lucky party in this story.

The dentist will remove the nerve and then fill inside the tooth’s root with a special filling material and that would be all! Yep! You’re done! That’s it! No pain at all! Even if you don’t feel anything during the session, it can get a bit painful afterwards. But it’s mostly bearable and nothing that a painkiller can’t fix. This way, that tooth will lose its vitality but it is necessary for avoiding any further pain or infection that may occur in the future. Every effort that your dentist is performing, it’s all for your own good, guys. Stop treating him like a criminal.

So, fellas, what have we learned today? Your dentist is not an evil creature who wants to suck life out of your veins… or nerves… He/She’s an angel who wants to give you the perfect smile that you’ve been dreaming for a long time, without any future trouble. However, this is not preventing him/her from being the bad guy who does that root canal treatment

Please let us know about the topics you wanna see here. Team DentAbroad is here to make you smile, guys. Chop chop, time to go! See ya in another one!

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