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How Long Do The Teeth Whitening Results Last?

Hello DentAbroaders! Who’s wondering how long do the teeth whitening results last? 

Well, i can start by saying “which type of whitening?”. The results of the whitening often vary depending on your aftercare but usually it lasts for one to two years with in-office bleaching and three to six months with home bleaching kits. You know that the in-office type of whitening is the one that is held in the dentist’s practice and home whitening kits are obviously the ones that you do at home by yourselves. 

Gels that are used for bleaching generally removes minerals from the teeth. But it is possible for them to bond those minerals again into their structure in time via saliva. So, we can’t say for whitening to cause any irreversible harm to teeth. Which means you can repeat the process safely after a certain time period.

However, the “whitened period” of your pearly whites starts with this demineralization and lasts ‘till the end of the remineralization. Throughout this period (which is usually one to two years with in-office whitening and three to six months with home whitening kits) it has vital importance to take proper care of your teeth.

I know you all would like your teeth whitening results to last for a long time. Here is the bad news; all the colourful things will cause coloration. Too much coffee, tea, tomato sauce, red wine or smoking… Consuming any of them too much will result in coloration of your pearly whites very quickly. On the good side, it is a good reason for developing healthy eating habits. Are we all here my dear optimists?

Of course, if you stay away from all those colourful stuff and take good care of your teeth, your teeth whitening results will last much longer and your teeth will keep on shining for a longer time. It’s all about self-care, DentAbroaders. Aren’t we all worth it? 

Don’t forget brushing your teeth folks. We care about you a lot! Please send us your experiences so that we can share each other’s stories. See you in another article, take care!

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