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Is There Such A Thing As Permanent Teeth Whitening?

It would probably be great if you can have a permanent teeth whitening and you could keep the results forever, right?

But well… The reality is much more different. 

Welcome to reality, DentAbroaders! In this article i’m gonna explain whether you can whiten your teeth for good, or not.

Unfortunately there’s no way to keep the whitening results forever. (Wow, that was a bit harsh! But i have to be honest guys, sorry.)  By the nature of the whitening process, the results are reversible and they may only last for one or two years (for home whitening kits it would only be three to six months) which can be considered as a very long time in some ways or for some individuals… Like butterflies maybe… After these time periods your teeth colour will turn back to its original shade. (At least it doesn’t get worse, we can keep the original shade, yay!)  At that point you have to repeat the whitening process again. (Or we don’t keep the original shade, yay!) It sounds like too much effort but in fact spending just a couple of hours once in every two years is not a real trouble. 

However if you’d like to keep a white smile permanently (without permanent teeth whitening which is obviously impossible) then you can consider getting lumineers, laminate veneers or even crowns maybe. Some people go for this option in order to avoid that eternal cycle of whitening repetitions. Of course, only a dentist can decide whichever veneer types and materials are suitable for you but if you’re pursuing permanent whiteness the only solution seems to be knocking on a smile makeover’s door.

You can check out our articles about smile makeovers as well for further information. I’m really sorry for being not able to offer a permanent teeth whitening solution but for any other questions you have in your mind, please feel free to write to us. Team DentAbroad will be glad to help you. Take care!

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