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How to find the best cosmetic dentist abroad?

Hello DentAbroaders! Here we are again with a new topic to talk about! 

“How can you find the best cosmetic dentist abroad?”


I can hear some of you say “Just Google it, mate!”. But, is it that simple, really? Here i’m gonna give you some tips for finding the most appropriate clinic for you abroad. 

First of all; you have to know that there are enough good dentists out there. You wouldn’t miss out any opportunities if you didn’t go for the most popular clinics. Of course they’re popular for a reason but going to another talented and trustworthy but not-that-popular dentist will just work enough. 

Before you start searching for the best cosmetic dentist, you should set up your priorities first. What is it that you think that has the most importance for you? Is it the quality of the treatment you get? Is it the fastest service? Is it making friends and having an adventure? Is it the most affordable price? Or the location?

Everyone has a different point of view and a different mindset. Some people see this all “having a smile makeover abroad” thing as an adventure, think they’re still young and they can renew their smile makeover and change it into another design anytime they want. So this is not a big deal for them. The important thing is to make new friends on the road and to have loads of fun. 

But for some people, the budget they spare for this treatment is from their lifetime savings and they have only one shot to have it in the right way. So, they would like to find the most quality clinic with the most affordable prices.

When you have too limited time for travelling abroad then you’d probably look for the clinics that offer the fastest solutions for you. 

And some people like to hit two with one shot, so they just want to find the most experienced best cosmetic dentist on their travel route. They decide the location that they’re gonna travel to and then search for a decent clinic there.

This is why you have to set up your priorities first. Otherwise, this process of deciding which clinic to visit is probably going to be a nightmare for you.

All along the while, you should know that there are enough quality dentists for everyone, everywhere.

Once you determine your preferences you can easily look up for the potential clinics you might choose. Since you’re gonna google them first, a good clinic should probably have a nice and detailed website. Everything should be clear on their website. Which treatment they’re carrying out, what kind of an environment that you’re gonna have your treatment in, who are the staff and which one carries out which duty. We don’t wanna face any surprises, right DentAbroaders? 

You have to know who’s the surgeon there, who’s the cosmetic dentist and their biographies… How many years of experience they have, what are their professional areas of interest… And it would be good to see their previous cases of course. It’s better they show their previous cases’ before after photos on their website but in some regions it is illegal to display that kind of material online so if they don’t have it on their website you can kindly ask them to send some of their previous cases’ before after photos via WhatsApp and such.

At that point, it means you already got in touch with them which you certainly should. Do not go to any clinic without getting in touch, DentAbroaders, you might have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. After all, that’s another corner of the world far from home. Once you’ve contacted them, you have to evaluate and decide whether you’re gonna face a language barrier or not. Because, most probably, they’re not going to be native speakers of English so it’s normal to have some communication difficulties. But (there’s always a but), you should be able to assure that the staff can understand you clearly. Because, most of the cosmetic treatments are irreversible and you don’t wanna do an irreversible damage to your teeth by a misunderstanding.

Most of the clinics abroad offer free consultations. You can go through the free consultation and assure both that there’s no language barrier and that you’re both on the same page regarding your treatment expectations and treatment plan. During the online consultation they’re going to expect to have your teeth’s photos taken from certain angles that they’ll tell you. Not everyone’s a freak, DentAbroaders. They don’t wanna have your nudes. They want those photos for having a pre-opinion about your case and being able to prepare a suitable treatment plan for you. So, it’s okay. Just send those photos. They’re gonna send you a treatment plan along with a payment plan. You just should choose the one that suits your situation best.

After clearing all those parameters, now you’re ready to decide which clinic and dentist is the most suitable one for you and you’re ready to book your appointment for your smile makeover. Wherever you’ll go, remember to have fun as well, DentAbroaders! There’s always fun in everything, if you know where to look!

Hope i could shine a light on your pursuit of finding the best cosmetic dentist for you, mates. Tell us your story so we can share it and inspire more people here! Isn’t it all about sharing and taking one step further! Knowledge is power, DentAbroaders, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our lovely team will be delighted to guide you whenever you need! Take care, brush your teeth!

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