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Will You Be Able To Eat Normally During A Smile Makeover?

Hello again, DentAbroaders! Hope you’re all doing just fine and ready to read our latest article about “how is it possible to drink and eat normally during a smile makeover treatment”.

Well, although it is, of course, possible to eat and drink throughout a smile makeover process, no one can say that is going to be quite comfortable and easy. Let me explain the situation step by step. (‘Cause y’all know that i know about these stuff, right?)

First of all, during a smile makeover treatment your teeth will be filed down one way or another, unless you’re getting lumineers which are prepless laminate veneers. After your teeth are filed they become quite sensitive. This is why your dentist will prepare temporary teeth for you, at the end of the session.

Temporaries are made of composite or acrylic material mostly, which are basically plastics. Therefore they’re not perfect materials by all means. And you should remember that whereas your permanent crowns need at least one week for the perfect fit to your teeth, ​your temporaries are being made in just an hour. This brings me to the most important thing to say; they’re not perfect and it’s almost impossible for any temporary teeth to envelop your teeth one hundred percent. This means your natural teeth are going to be partly exposed to the universe during that week until your permanent ones are fitted properly.

Please don’t panic, DentAbroaders! This is not as scary as it sounds. Is this gonna make your teeth more sensitive? Yes. Is this gonna kill you? No? Is this gonna make you suffer ‘till the end of time without killing you? No! God no! Who makes up these stuff?!

The truth is, you might feel a bit sensitive during the week that your smile makeover held. But if you simply follow some basic rules then it won’t bother you that much. Let’s move on to those rules (i can hear you scream “Gosh, say it already!”)

eat normally during a smile makeoverTo be able to drink and eat normally during a smile makeover:

Rule number one; eat and drink only warm things as long as you wear your temporary teeth. Since your teeth are used to being in your body’s temperature, anything below the body temperature is going to feel like “cold” to your teeth. And you’ll feel sensitivity. Anything above the body temperature is going to feel like “hot, hot, hot” to your teeth and you’ll feel sensitivity. So this is why you have to consume only warm things that are similar to your body temperature during the time you share with your temporaries.

Rule number two; do not eat too sticky things or too hard-to-chew and stiff food. Otherwise your temporary teeth will break or remove easily and as you can imagine it will cause you sensitivity either. ‘cause they’re not getting fitted in strongly in order for your dentist to remove them easily on your trial session. And since they’re made out of plastic they can break easily as well. Nothing to panic, again. This is the natural workflow for a smile makeover.

As long as you keep following these simple rules then you’ll be able to drink and eat normally during a smile makeover (as normal as it can be throughout a dental treatment).

Most of the non-vegan people miss eating steaks during their smile makeover processes. But this is something you can bear, DentAbroaders, for the greater good. I have never heard a vegan miss eating a particular food during the smile makeover so this could be a good starting point for becoming a vegan, guys.

At the end of the week and your treatment, your permanent crowns or laminate veneers will be fitted for good then you’ll be able to eat anything you’d like again. Let us know whether the process worthed it or not!

In this article i’ve tried to make it clear “is it possible to drink and eat normally during a smile makeover. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any further questions and for all the other topics that you’d like to know more about having smile makeovers or dental treatments abroad. Team DentAbroad will be more than happy to help you at any time! See you in another one! Take care, brush your teeth!

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