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How Does A Whitening Session Take Place?

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Hello DentAbroaders! Today we’re going to talk about “teeth whitening”. I know that most of you guys are wondering how a session takes place. So i prepared this article just for you.


The whitening session that is held in the dentist’s office is called “in-office whitening”. In-Office whitening sessions usually take about an hour. 


If there are any stains or calculus present onto the teeth surfaces, they need to be cleaned first (yes, with that buzzing machine, eww).  Because while the whitening process bleaches the teeth colour it neither bleaches the stains nor removes the calculus. 


whitening sessionAfter a decent cleaning, your dentist can carry on the whitening session. 


Now i hear you scream “c’mon tell us about the freaking session already!”. Okay, okay..


First, a protective barrier is applied onto the gum in order to protect it from the hydrogen-peroxide and a mouth-opener (a kind of retractor) is placed for the protection of lips and cheeks as well.


teeth whitening session gum barrierAfterwards, the hydrogen-peroxide gel is applied to the clean teeth surfaces. 


Usually this step needs two or three repetitions with periods of fifteen or twenty minutes.


After this total period of approximately one hour, bleaching gel is removed from teeth surfaces and washed off. (Oh, finally!) 


teeth whitening session gel washed offLikewise, the gum barrier and the mouth-opener is removed and so the whitening session comes to an end.


teeth whitening session gum barrier removalBut remember to ask your dentist about what to eat & drink or not to eat & drink and for how long. ‘Cause most of the time there are some restrictions regarding your diet after the whitening. But don’t worry, usually these restrictions are for a couple of days only. And they’re like “eat nothing colourful for two days” kind of restrictions. So, probably you’ll survive by sticking with only the white things like plain rice, yoghurt, pasta etc. 


diet after whitening sessionYes, DentAbroaders. Now you know how a whitening session goes. But if you still have further questions in mind, please feel free to contact our lovely team. We’ll be glad to help you! See you in another article, take care!

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