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How can cosmetic dentistry improve your smile?

Hello DentAbroaders! Who’s curious about “how cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile?”. Let’s see hands!


There are some ways that a smile makeover can change your smile. Even if the characteristics of your bite can’t be changed in every case, still you can have your teeth a bit evolved as for your expectations. For example, you may have your teeth a bit shorter, longer, whiter or more curvy. 

The changes we’re talking about, they’re not massive. Cosmetic dentistry has its limits of course. But sometimes, even a millimetric change can  make a lot of difference to improve your smile

improve your smileMaybe you’re sick of your teeth being all flat and straight. You might wanna have more rounded corners, pointy canines, longer front teeth… Or vice versa… Maybe some of your teeth are bigger and longer than the rest or some of them are not aligned with the rest very well. You might wanna have them all straight and even. Those small changes can be done and your smile can be fixed in shorthly. 

Your dentist will be able to shorten or lengthen your teeth, create rounded corners and give you a more feminen look or a completely straight and masculin look if you’d like. Some people would like to have too pointy canines which makes them look younger. (No, not vampires. They don’t need any smile makeovers to seem young. They’re eternally young!)

To improve your smile, it’s possible to align the gum line in a limited way. Misaligned gum line can be corrected slightly by a smile makeover. With the pink-coloured porcelain being available you can get rid of that recessed-gum (and exposed root) look and show the new teeth like having more healthy gum around them. 

improve your smile with cosmetic dentistryThere are many designs that you can choose. Natural designs, straight blocky designs, mixture of natural and straight designs. And too many colours to choose as well. Dentists usually have a colour shade scale that consists of nearly thirty shades. You can choose the colour of the new teeth with the most desired transparency level of yours.

In brief, what have we learned with this article? You can recreate your teeth with a smile makeover. You can prefer the new teeth a bit longer or shorter, a bit wider or narrower. With the exact colour that you want and with the exact transparency level you’d like. You can have the new teeth more aligned with being more curvy, rounded or flat. You can create a natural or straight design for your new teeth. Or a mixture design in between them. You can show the new teeth more feminen or masculin. You can choose whatever the colour you’d like to have. You can even have a better aligned gum line. So, we can say that under proper circumstances, you can easily improve your smile by cosmetic dentistry’s latest techniques. 

You just have to remember that a smile makeover is not “magic”. It has limits and for too dramatic cases it might just not be the proper solution. You should consult a dentist first. And remember, a lot of dental clinics abroad offer free online consultations before going all the way down there. You can take the advantage of it. That would give you an opinion and a rough plan before making a decision for good.

For further assistance you can always contact our most friendly team! If you have questions, please share them with Team DentAbroad so that we can create more relevant content to meet expectations. Take care folks, don’t forget to look after your teeth! They may cost a fortune!

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