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Do temporary teeth resemble the finished smile design?

Hello, DentAbroaders! We see some of you get frustrated when you have your temporary teeth during your smile makeover, right after the filing session. This is why we’ve decided to talk about those temporaries today. What are they? What are they made of? Why do you need them? For how long are you gonna wear them? You will find answers to all these questions in this article. If you’re ready to go, let’s get to business, people!

So, let me clarify some basics first. What are temporary teeth and why do you need them? 

As you may know, your teeth usually require to be filed down before having a smile makeover. This is in order to create a space for the upcoming crowns. If you’re getting, let’s say lumineers instead of crowns, you probably won’t need any temporaries. But when you’re having crowns or laminate veneers then you’ll need temporaries.

Because, once the dentist has filed down your natural teeth, as they lose their protective layer, they become quite sensitive. At that point, you will need an artificial layer to envelop all your teeth to avoid any sensitivities.This is where your temporary teeth come into play, in order for you not to feel much sensitivity, they cover your filed down natural teeth.

Temporaries are basically plastic teeth which are made from your natural teeth’s mould. So it’s normal for them to look like your natural teeth. And since they’re plastic, they can be far from being perfect. This is normal as well. They may come in different raw materials like acrylic or composite but they’re both considered as plastic materials. This means that they’re not going to resemble your final smile design. However, some clinics provide really nice temporaries that look like the exact final design that you’re gonna have. But since this work requires more time, many clinics abroad don’t prefer this type of work. Because when you’re having your smile design done abroad, time is usually the essence of it. Patients are usually going abroad for a quite limited time like for a week only. So, the clinics are supposed to get the job done in this limited time. This is why they don’t provide such nice temporaries. But it doesn’t mean that your permanent crowns or laminate veneers will be ugly as your temporary ones. This is just because the clinics would rather spend their precious time working on your permanent teeth than working on the plastic temporaries.

One important thing to remember when explaining temporary teeth is that they’re being made in no more than just half an hour whereas your permanent ones require at least a week to be produced properly. For this reason, they’re not as perfectly enveloping your natural teeth as the permanent ones. So it is also acceptable for them to still allow just a bit of sensitivity. But this little amount of sensitivity is completely bearable, especially if you’re following some simple rules.

Speaking of which, you may also take a look at our more detailed article about WILL YOU BE ABLE TO EAT NORMALLY DURING A SMILE MAKEOVER TREATMENT?, but let me remind you of those simple rules to follow while wearing temporaries. 

In order to reduce the sensitivity even more, you should prefer your food and beverage at the body temperature. Not too cold, not too hot. Warm things would do just fine. And you should avoid too sticky things or too stiff things to eat as long as you keep your temporary teeth.

Just keep in mind that this time period is only temporary. When you get your permanent crowns or laminate veneers fitted in properly, this sensitivity will disappear shortly.

So you just take your courage with you and go for it. I know you can handle this, DentAbroaders! 

Team DentAbroad has gathered together just to support you with your adventure regarding your dental treatments abroad. So you guys know that you can contact us for anything you’d like to know about. We’ll be glad to hear from you! Just take good care of you until the next article! We love you guys!

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