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Can Dental Implant Placement Be Done In A Week?

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Hello Dentabroaders! We’re back with another topic.

“Can dental implant placement be done in a week?”


The answer is; YES. 

It usually takes only a few hours to place implants if you have enough bone quality and volume. I know that it sounds a bit scary but these things can be measured with a simple x-ray these days. And the surgery itself is considered to be a minor one so no need to be scared. As i said, it takes a few hours tops then you can leave the clinic as if nothing happened.  

However, like every other surgery, dental implant placement surgery process needs a check-up session after five or seven days from the surgery in order to either remove any stitches that might be put in the surgery or just to check if the surgical area tissues are all healthy and free from any infections. 

But when we say “implants”; only the titanium screws that are placed into the jaw bone should be understood. These screws are placed in jaw bone within a few hours and subject to be checked in five or seven days. If everything’s okay by then, then this step of the treatment is considered to be successful. 

It’s almost a pain-free process. You’ll feel nothing during the procedure since you’re going to be numb and afterward only for the first twenty four hours you might need a pain-killer. Then it’s gonna be alright. 

By the nature of this treatment it consists of two steps. So far we’ve only talked about the first step. There has to be at least four or six months before the second step takes place. After the dental implant placement, this period is required for the implants to integrate into the jaw bone completely.

Four or six months later, the implants got ready for putting crowns on top of them. At this point, you have to plan a second trip to your dentist. A good reason to fly abroad and enjoy another nice holiday, ha?  Your second trip should last for somewhere between seven and ten days which means more time for enjoying your vacation. This period is for your new teeth to be prepared and put onto your implants so that your treatment is completed successfully. Well done! 

Now that you know all about the dental implant placement steps and duration, you’re ready to make your plan to have them! In the meantime, don’t forget to share your experiences with us. Team DentAbroad is looking forward to hearing your experiences, contact us and we’ll share your story here.

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