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Can Composite Bonding Veneers Be Whitened?

Welcome back, DentAbroaders! I wanna know who’s ready to have the answers about whether composite bonding veneers can be whitened or not?


Are you thinking about getting composite veneers but hesitating because you’re not sure if you could ever get them whitened? What if they get stained over time? 

Or you already had your composite bondings but you’ve heard many opinions regarding them to be whitened or not and now you’re confused about what to do with them?

You’re at the very right place now to learn about it all!

Composite bonding veneers are a quite cheaper, conservative and faster solution to fix your teeth’s misalignment when compared to the other smile makeover options such as porcelain veneers or crowns. They’re usually being made in only one session and in only hours. Unbelievably fast and easy for you to have them! (Not that easy for your dentist since it is a highly attention demanding job to do!)This is why most people choose to have them. 

But almost every material gets stained over time and composite bonding veneers are no different. It’s not gonna be wrong if we say that because of the composite materials’ lack of a glazed outer layer like porcelain or e-max does, making them vulnerable to get stained over time. 

In some cases, even the porcelain materials’ glazed outer layer is getting worn off over the years. You can imagine what time will do to the composite. (I really would like to make exceptions for some of the quality jobs that quality dentists do with composite which last in a perfect condition for years)

At this point, meaning when your composite veneers are stained one way or another and now you’re thinking about either whitening them or having them replaced with new ones, you can easily get confused by all the different suggestions from the people around you. 

In fact, there’s still no specific consensus on this topic. Some dentists still suggest that whitening means “bleach” so it can whiten your composite bonding veneers, and they really carry out whitening sessions on top of the composite veneers. 

Some dentists deny this strictly and they suggest either removal of the old composites or a professional polishing to the old veneers. 

Actually, it is proven that the whitening procedure does not bleach your old composite veneers’ colour in any way or make them seem whiter. 

So what’s your dentist’s point by whitening your composites? 

Don’t panic! If you’re abroad to have a dental check-up and your dentist suggested you to have a whitening session with your old composite veneers, he/she probably wants to see the results first. If you’re not happy with the results then you can go for the other options like renewing them partially or completely. It won’t hurt to try it first, if your dentist says it’s okay. 

Personally, i don’t believe the whitening session will make a difference regarding your composite restorations’ colour as the scientific facts show so. But i also don’t wanna be disrespectful to any dentists who think otherwise. Dentistry is like an art at some point and every dentist is an artist performing his/her art in the light of their experiences. 

So, if you’re hesitating whether to whiten your old composite veneers or not, it might be best if you just ask your dentist why he/she wants to do the whitening. If the answers are reasonable enough for you and make sense then you can give it a chance. Otherwise you can just ignore this option.   

It’s a fact that the composite material is more vulnerable to get staind over time when compared to any kind of porcelain, zirconia or e-max but i really would like to say that if the composite veneer is made by a really competent and experienced dentist it can last for a quite long time without getting stained and when they are stained it might be possible to just polish them properly and make them seem as if they’re newly made. And it’s really possible to have a porcelain, zirconia or e-max restoration stained easily when they’re poorly made by a non-quality material. So, the most important thing is to choose a trustworthy clinic and an experienced dentist. You can basically ask the representatives for their clinic’s before and after photos and records of their previous work while having an online consultation when you try to find a suitable dental clinic abroad. To discover further information about this topic, you can easily take a look at our “HOW TO FIND THE BEST COSMETIC DENTIST ABROAD?” article.

If this article is not enough for you and you still have more questions in mind, you can always contact us for further guidance. Team DentAbroad will always be happy to help you! Hope to see you in another one, fellas! Just take good care and remember to give some feedback! Love you to the moon and back, see y’all!

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