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How Long Is It Until You Can Have A Dental Implant, After An Extraction?

Hello DentAbroaders! Some serious topic here! 

To give a certain absolute answer to this question regarding dental implant issues is not really possible. Healing process will obviously vary from patient to patient, depending on one’s healing capacity or etc. So it’s always the best idea to have your dentist’s opinion on your own case. (You can’t find all the answers on-line people, c’mon!)

However, we can talk about some approximate time periods. Usually, a period of at least four weeks is demanded by the dental surgeon before placing a dental implant into the extraction area. While in some cases this time period may extend to six months, sometimes it is possible to place the implant just right after the extraction immediately. Don’t think that the surgeons are self-indulgent bastards and changing their minds constantly.

This is mostly due to the bone quality and the bone’s healing process. Bone doesn’t always heal in an exact time period. If you had a seriously large infection around the extracted tooth before the extraction then it will probably take more than four weeks before you can have your dental implant placed, ‘cause then it will take longer for your bone to heal completely.  

But if you had your tooth extracted because of it being a persistent baby tooth for example and it had no infection or so, then you can probably have your implant placed right after the extraction.

And when it comes to dental tourism; since you have a limited time period and everything should go right on their track in this limited time, dental surgeons may wanna wait for an additional time just to make sure everything’s alright before placing an implant. 

Is this amount of reading enough to learn all about a dental implant?

I can feel that you’re getting bored again, mates. Even if i write about all these boring and hard-to-understand stuff just to make sure that i’m raising some awareness for you, now it seems like time has come to wrap this up. I don’t want anyone to come and shoot me for being this dull. 

To sum up; you should absolutely ask your dentist and be sure how long it will take for your case to have your dental implant placed after the extraction since now you know that it can vary depending on the patient’s very own case and it could be any time between from right after the extraction to six months later. Once again, you can’t find everything on-line guys, don’t hesitate to contact a dentist! Most clinics abroad are not charging anything for an online consultation. Oh, wait! Does that mean… You can find everything online?

See you in another article folks, take care and please send us your dental stories so that our community can grow up together!

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