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A Smile Makeover Under General Anaesthesia Or Sedation?

Hello, DentAbroaders! Welcome back! Today we’re going to talk about an interesting subject. “Can you have your smile makeover done under general anaesthesia or sedation?C’mon dental chair haters! Today is yours!

It is a tough question actually. Because i can say both “yes” or “no” as an answer. Yes, because it is technically possible. No, because it might not be a good idea for every single person out there who just dislikes the dental chair.

First of all, i know most of you hate the d
ental chair and are ready to find another solution to get your smile makeover done without having to sit there for hours under all those buzzing machines. But i care about you so much, guys, i also don’t want you to be ripped off by anyone. Especially when you’re abroad and million miles away from home. 

Nowadays i see many clinics abroad which claim that they can put you under sedation or general anaesthesia to complete your treatment. Some of them may be quite equipped and prepared for it but some of them just might not be that honest. As a dentist, working on a patient who is under general anaesthesia or sedation requires quite experience. You have to be sure that your dentist is experienced in working with the patients under these circumstances. 

As you may also know, both procedures are not completely risk-free as well. So you will be expected to accept all the complications that might occur during the process. You need to read the papers well, before signing them. And you have to think it through whether you are willing to take those risks while being away from home and in a country where probably you’ll face a language barrier. Just to have your treatment done under general anaesthesia or sedation.

under general anaesthesia or sedationBoth procedures have originally come out for the patients who are disabled or somehow are not able to have their dental treatment on a dental chair. If you’re not one of them then it might not be the best option for you. I know most of you are not comfortable with the dentist and you might get anxious once you’re on the dental chair but you can talk to your GP or local dentist first, tell him/her about your situation and maybe he/she can prescribe you some medication to help you relax. In most cases, this would solve the problem.

If this didn’t work and you’re still determined to have general anaesthesia or sedation then you should ask the dental clinic which you chose to have your treatment for their legal permissions to carry out such procedures. ‘Cause in some countries or for some clinics this might be illegal based on the conditions of the clinic.

I know you’re all very excited and impatient to have your brand new, shining smile but you should find a way to get it done without risking yourselves.

But hey! You’ve made it this far and i know you all like looking up very deep before having anything! So i trust you,guys. You’ll do it properly!

I hope i was able to give you some opinions about how to plan your treatment abroad without risking your well-being. You can always contact us for further advice and information. Team DentAbroad will always be glad to hear from you! Take care and stay safe, guys! See you in another one!

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